Our 6th swap was on Sunday and it was another really fun time! The turnout was good, so thanks to everyone who came out.  It's great to see people enjoying themselves and mingle before the "swapping frenzy" begins! It's also great when people leave saying that they are so excited for the next swap! Thanks again to Tyler Stevens at Coutura Design Inspirations for hosting us, it's always nice to be there. 

If you didn't hear, Pikes Peak Community Cupboard was invited to go on Table Talk with Teresa Farney on Saturday.  Click here to listen to the podcast.  It was my first time on the radio, so be gentle with me. Ha.  There will also be an article in the Independent about swaps in Colorado Springs, and I believe that you can pick up a copy either on the 9th and here is the article online!

Our  next swap is scheduled for Sunday June 26th 2-4PM and Rustic Sunflower Farm is hosting us again! Mark your calendars because you won't want to miss it.  RSVP information will be posted soon! We ask that you try your best to RSVP so that we will have enough counter space for everyone.

Many thanks again to our wonderful co-organizer, Wendy, for helping make the swaps go as smoothly as possible.  It's a lot of fun work to organize these swaps, but Wendy and I agree it's the people who show up that truly make these events the great time that they are! We hope to inspire friendships and community at each event.

Here are some photos from the swap below, and photos of all the swaps are always on the website here.

See you  next time!

6/6/2011 10:17:43 am

Kat, you did great on the radio - so proud of you!!


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