Yesterday was another lovely time spent (4th event!) with new and old friends at an event hosted at Rustic Sunflower Farm.  It was overcast and chilly with a little snow falling, from time to time, but it was cozy and warm inside the log cabin.  We never fail to feel inspired by what everyone brings, there is so much creativity at each event!

Thanks so much to everyone who showed up  and we hope you all enjoyed yourselves as much as we did! Thanks again to Lena, Louis, and Renae Macias for hosting us at their lovely home and farm.  It was fantastic to meet Maggie, their 3 month old heritage Large Black Hog, as well!

We are taking a break on May 15th due to other commitments, but our next event is slated for May 22nd 2pm-4pm.  It will be an event hosted with Manitou Springs Community Swap! We'll be posting more info as soon as we can.
5/2/2011 04:35:33 am

Absolutely lovely photos! Love coming to the Community Cupboard every time!

5/2/2011 06:07:55 am

Had a great time at my first Community Cupboard event - it will be a regular thing from now on! =) Came home with SO MANY goodies!

5/2/2011 10:21:24 am

We had such a great time, looking forward to the next "Cupboard" already!


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