Our 6th swap was on Sunday and it was another really fun time! The turnout was good, so thanks to everyone who came out.  It's great to see people enjoying themselves and mingle before the "swapping frenzy" begins! It's also great when people leave saying that they are so excited for the next swap! Thanks again to Tyler Stevens at Coutura Design Inspirations for hosting us, it's always nice to be there. 

If you didn't hear, Pikes Peak Community Cupboard was invited to go on Table Talk with Teresa Farney on Saturday.  Click here to listen to the podcast.  It was my first time on the radio, so be gentle with me. Ha.  There will also be an article in the Independent about swaps in Colorado Springs, and I believe that you can pick up a copy either on the 9th and here is the article online!

Our  next swap is scheduled for Sunday June 26th 2-4PM and Rustic Sunflower Farm is hosting us again! Mark your calendars because you won't want to miss it.  RSVP information will be posted soon! We ask that you try your best to RSVP so that we will have enough counter space for everyone.

Many thanks again to our wonderful co-organizer, Wendy, for helping make the swaps go as smoothly as possible.  It's a lot of fun work to organize these swaps, but Wendy and I agree it's the people who show up that truly make these events the great time that they are! We hope to inspire friendships and community at each event.

Here are some photos from the swap below, and photos of all the swaps are always on the website here.

See you  next time!

I heard that the swap on Sunday was small but fun, I'm sorry to have missed it! Thanks again to Loonees Comedy Club for hosting and to co-organizer Wendy, of Barely Escape, for "holding down the fort" while I have been taken some much needed time off to take care of family things.  Thanks also to the Indy photographer who stopped by.  He took some photographs for an Indy article that is being written about Colorado swap events.  We'll let you know when the article is out! Sorry there are no photos of this swap, but if you attended and took some shots... let us know!

I also want to say thank you so much to everyone who shows up and has a great time! Your support of this community event keeps us going! See you next time.

Yesterday was another lovely time spent (4th event!) with new and old friends at an event hosted at Rustic Sunflower Farm.  It was overcast and chilly with a little snow falling, from time to time, but it was cozy and warm inside the log cabin.  We never fail to feel inspired by what everyone brings, there is so much creativity at each event!

Thanks so much to everyone who showed up  and we hope you all enjoyed yourselves as much as we did! Thanks again to Lena, Louis, and Renae Macias for hosting us at their lovely home and farm.  It was fantastic to meet Maggie, their 3 month old heritage Large Black Hog, as well!

We are taking a break on May 15th due to other commitments, but our next event is slated for May 22nd 2pm-4pm.  It will be an event hosted with Manitou Springs Community Swap! We'll be posting more info as soon as we can.

Our swap group this afternoon was smaller than usual, but It is always nice to see friends and to meet new ones.  A smaller group doesn't mean that we didn't have some awesome items being swapped.  We're just blown away with how talented everyone is! We're always so happy to see that everyone enjoys themselves and that's our only hope for each event.

Thanks so much to those to came to out today, even though it was gorgeous outside! Also, thanks again to Coutura Design Inspirations for hosting us once more! We're looking forward to coming back to your beautiful space.

Be sure to mark your calendars for our next event on May 1st at 2pm-4pm.  Rustic Sunflower Farm will be hosting! They are located in Black Forest on beautiful 5 acres of forested land.  They have chickens and are currently picking up their first Large Black Hog piglet from New Mexico.  Be sure to bring the kids!

Here are a few photos from the swap today and there will also more on our photos page.
Hello everyone!

We wanted to get the word out as soon as we could about our name change.  We didn't expect the previous "swap or trade" event to grow so fast, but it has! Pikes Peak Community Cupboard will still be the same type of community event with just a different name and slightly different look.  We really wanted to emphasize that we are passionate about building community, new friendships all while having fun "swapping or bartering" food and goods.  We hope you will continue to join us as we look forward to more amazing events.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!